All classics are always available

New! Italian Wine Dinner

The Opening is an Aperitif:
Sicilian Bliss (Chardonney, pomergrante juice and strawberries)

An Amuse Buche:
Homemade Rosemary & Garlic Biscotti

Wines feature :
Sant'Elena Pinot Grigio 03 and Valepolicella Classico 05 The Food: Antipasto of Polenta stuffed with gorgonzola in a sauce of caramelized onions an sage.

Pasta Course:
Ravioli filled with goat cheese & ricotta in a sauce of roasted pistachio cream and reggiano cheese.

Main Course:
Grilled Lamb Chops tossed in a cumin & pomegranate glaze Dessert: Chocolate Terrine with Raspberry Sauce

Cost is $55.00 per person inclusive of wine.
The wine dinner is a communal table, so 10 is MAXIMUM.
We need a phone number to call back and confirm to get credit cards for guarantees.

Daily Menu


with toriatoes, aromatics & a touch of cream $6.
ZUPPA DI FAGIOLI caiaellini beans pancetta v.6th broken pasta & parniigiano $ 6
PEAR salad with fIeld greens, walnuts, gorgouzola cheese & balsanilco $ 7.
CAESAR salad tossed tableside for two $ 15.95
SPINACH sautéed with phiemits, raisbis,nntnieg extra virgin & lemon $ 7
CAPRESE of mozzarella tomatoes & asparagis $9
SANDWICH grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers & sliced fonthia cheese served
with garden salad $ 9
SANDW1CH of parm prosciutto, fresh mozzarella & smoked roasted roma
tomatoes served with garaden salad $9


CAPELLINI grilled prawns & basil pesto sauce $ 13
LASAGNE stuffed with cromini mushrooms, caramelized onions & ftntina cheese
beschamel sauce $ 13
FETTUCCINE Bolognese $12
LINGUINE clams (tomato OR garlic sauce) $ 13
LASAGNE Bolognese $13
RAVIOLI filled with three cheeses in pistachio cream sauce OR pomodoro S 13
LINGUINE with grilled tuna lemon capers & white wine sauce $ 14
ORECCfflETTE primavera with asparagus, green beans .& peas aglio & ollo $12
FETTUCCINE ALFREDO the original since 1914 $ 13


CHICKEN BREAST pan roasted with prosciutto cream & cognac sawe $ 14
VEAL SCALOPPINE pan seared piccata or marsaia $15
CHICKEN partnigiaaa $14
PARWNS sautéed with tomato basil & fresh spinach $ 14
VEAL cutiet Milanese (breaded) $ 15
LAMB rib chops grilled extra virgin olive oil drizzle $ 15
FILET MIGNON 4 oz. Grilled gorgonzola sauce $ 15
SALMON ifiet grilled, capers, lemon & white wine sauce $15

DESSERT $ 6.00

SEMIFREDDO amaretto & kaliwa
CHOCOLATE TERRTNE raspberries sauce